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Kindle Commercial

So I needed to post for the first time in forever because I am so excited after seeing the new Kindle commercial that depicted both a heterosexual married couple and homosexual married couple. 

Not only do I believe this is an incredible step for society but for advertising and marketing as well.

I know this isn’t the first time every same-sex couples have bee given attention in movies or on television but it was the first time I had seen same-sex marriage couples depicted in such a non-chalant relaxed way without stereotypes or humor getting in the way. 

I think as same-sex couples become more accepted it is only a matter of time before this isn’t surprising anymore. But until that day comes I just wanted to make it known I am impressed and I love that Kindle/Amazon took that risk. I don’t have a tablet but I think I just decided if I get one it would be a Kindle. 

I am currently in a heterosexual relationship but I have always been accepting of same-sex relationships and babysat for siblings who have two mothers. I am hoping these kind of things continue so they can be raised in a society that that is less judgmental and easier for them than it has been for previous families. 

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My number one rule for musicians

Plain and simply the one thing and musician, band, or artist of any kind should NEVER forget for even a SECOND is that if it weren’t for your fans you would not be successful. You are not an ultimate being, your fans may make you feel that way but without them you are nothing. 

When a band loves to play music and live shows and gives their all every time, that is honorable. When an group doesn’t miss a show unless someone is seriously injured and needs to be hospitalized, that’s expected. But when an musician fails to fulfill their duty to their fans bye missing a long awaited appearance for no excuse. You need to reassess what it is you want to do with your life. If it is music, get your shit together and be there. If it is to party and get wasted and to feel special, go fuck yourself. 

End Rant.

Green Day tickets could be in my future

That time I almost gave my ex a second chance

all hope has been restored

My attempt to be a music critic.

Okay so I maybe I am one of those tween aged Green Day fans from the American Idiot Era all grown up but I have something to say.

I have liked Green Day  Loved Green Day since middle school (so for about 8 years) and I was incredibly obsessed. There is not a Green Day song I don’t know. Their concert was the best day of my life. But I am not unrealistic. Every band is flawed.

I rank Green Days albums the same as most people would that listen to good music: Dookie is absolutely number one followed by Insomniac. I personally put Nimrod next but my rankings in the middle differ. I do feel that 21st Century Breakdown so far was easily their worst. It is the only album I could stop listening to. I still loved it, but it is farthest away from what I love about Green Day and about music in general. 

Music is a form of therapy to me just as poetry or literature is for others. It is about expressing how you feel by words and by sounds. It is an art. 

This bring me to my very drawn out point. Music should be relatable. The artist should be using real feeling, real experiences. The audience can’t feel the emotion if the person writing the music never felt it. That is why Green Days last albums have not been as successful. They were more focused on what sounded good or what people would like or what would grab people’s attention. 

There new single “Oh Love” took it to whole other level. I went from loving Green Day in the Dookie Era to believing in Green Day in the Nimrod Era to begrudgingly understanding them in the American Idiot Era to actually thinking they should stop creating music once I heard “Oh Love”. http://youtu.be/H_05XAPR8q8

Don’t hate me just yet. I could never give up on the band I have loved for so long (and am actually tattooed for). I hoped and hoped this song was a joke. An attempt to see how little effort they can put in and still keep a huge following in an industry based on popularity over talent. But no, it is their single, and some people actually love it. To me it sounded like it could make a good poem. Very simplistic. To be harsh and honest it sounded like a poem of a 13-year-old emo kid (did Billie Joe’s son write this?!). The music is boring, the words are repetitive and some lines even sound forced such as the line “Talk my way out of control”. The lyrics are plain and simply unoriginal and don’t even make sense. This song couldn’t have been a bigger let down for me. 

I know it is difficult for a band to get back in touch with their roots. It has been 18 years since Dookie came out. They are 40 years old with kids. Punk is no longer popular. So how can they make music the way they did? The answer is they already have. 

Rumor has it Billie Joe has written over 80 new songs, hence why there are 3 new albums. One of their songs I heard just hours ago, filmed at a live performance and also on the track list for ¡UNO! titled “Let Yourself Go” inspired me to write this post. It is EXACTLY what I had hoped from this new album. It is edgy, it is powerful, it is raw it is youthful it is everything I ever loved about Green Day. It helped me regain some kinda of hope for this new album. http://www.greendayauthority.com/news/3398/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=the+green+day+authority

The only thing that is still bothering me about their choices for this new album is why was “Oh Love” picked out of the 80 songs Billie Joe has written to, not only be on the album, but to be the first taste of the up and coming albums? 

I am trying to to lose complete hope in the music industry but if choices like these are continuously made by artists that have inspired generations of music, what is the point?

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My skepticism about Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman was 100% thanks to these movies. Luckily I was very wrong. 

LOVE THIS and totally agree




My skepticism about Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman was 100% thanks to these movies. Luckily I was very wrong. 

LOVE THIS and totally agree

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